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When the seasons change in Pinkard, Kentucky, it’s not always easy to stay comfortable in your home. An adjustable thermostat can help you manage temperature shifts, but when you’re not home or you forget to make a change to the schedule, you may walk into your home to find that it’s too hot or cold. With a smart thermostat, you can control your HVAC from anywhere while maintaining a more comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Better Control

You might wonder what a smart thermostat can do that your programmable unit can’t already handle. A smart thermostat is connected via Wi-Fi, which means you have access from anywhere at any time. If you forget to adjust the heating or cooling system when you leave for work in the morning or before heading out on vacation, you can simply open an app on your mobile device and make a quick change.

When you leave the office on a chilly winter day, open the app and raise the temperature, and you can walk into a warm, comfortable home. A smart thermostat delivers better control because you can access it easily, even when you’re not home.

Save Energy and Money 

A smart thermostat comes at a slightly higher cost than a programmable option, but it can quickly pay for itself in energy savings, which result in lower monthly bills. Some smart thermostat options have tracking and monitoring abilities, which can make automatic adjustments based on your typical usage as well as the weather conditions outside. The innovative functionality of a smart thermostat helps you reduce your environmental impact by decreasing energy waste. 

Stay Comfortable 

Most homeowners set the thermostat to drop the temperature during the daytime when they’re typically at work, which is a smart way to save energy. However, if you’re home sick, your smart thermostat can sense movement and make automatic adjustments to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. It can also adjust the heating or cooling system to adapt to the exterior conditions.

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