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From the master bedroom to the family room or den, every room in your home should be a comfortable place to inhabit. All too often, that’s not the case. Many homes in the Lexington region are plagued by hot and cold spots, places where temperatures fluctuate in every season. If you’re tired of having to change clothes or switch rooms just to stay comfortable, help is at hand. A ductless system from Stivers HVAC can provide the perfect solution.

The Trouble with Ducts

Most hot or cold spots are caused by ductwork that doesn’t meet a room’s unique heating and cooling load. This is not always the fault of the original installer. Factors like poor insulation and air leaks come into play as well. Even upgrades like room additions can change the way ductwork moves air through your home. Whatever the cause, ductless HVAC systems eliminate these problems by delivering conditioned directly into living spaces.

Simple Solutions for Every Application

With a ductless system, individual air handlers are connected to a single outdoor unit via unobtrusive refrigerant lines. The sleek indoor units can be installed just where you need them, on the wall or ceiling. The wide selection of ductless products available from Stivers HVAC ensures you’ll find the ideal solution for every situation. We can install a single unit for a problematic area or a multi-zone system for your entire home.

Take Control of Your Comfort

Ductless heating and cooling puts you in charge of your indoor environment. Remote controls, wall consoles and even smartphone apps let you fine-tune temperature and fan settings in every zone. These energy-savings systems save you money too. Ductless HVAC can cut your annual heating and cooling costs by 30 percent or more.

At Stivers HVAC, we’re dedicated to providing our neighbors in Central Kentucky with comfort solutions that improve life at home. To learn more about our extensive array of duct-free products, check out our ductless services or call 859-226-0809.

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