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It’s no secret that the air inside your Versailles, Kentucky, home contains allergens, irritants, bacteria, and viruses. You can raise your home’s indoor air quality with purifiers, humidifiers, and ventilators.


Whole-home air purifiers work with your home’s heating and cooling system to clean bacteria, viruses, and pollutants from the air. Most purifiers filter the air through high-MERV or even HEPA filters. Some use electrostatic mechanisms to catch smaller particulates and others use ionization to neutralize fumes, odors, and VOCs. A UV light can clean air by killing germs and mold spores.

The biggest benefit to a purifier is staying healthier. Your family will be less likely to get sick this winter and less likely to have allergy and asthma symptoms.


Whole-home humidifiers help keep the moisture in your home at a comfortable level by reading it with a hygrometer and sending moisture into the air when it’s too dry. In the winter, heating creates dry air and when combined with dry outside air, it creates problems.

Home humidifiers don’t need the tanks cleaned or the water reservoirs emptied like portable units do. Having the right humidity level in winter helps reduce the spread of illnesses and alleviates dry coughs, aggravated sinuses, and dry skin. Humid air feels warmer, so you can lower your thermostat and still be comfortable.


Ventilation systems work to bring fresh air in and pump stale air out. Fresh air is good for you since outdoor air is generally less polluted than indoor air. There are several types of ventilation systems including exhaust, supply, and balanced ventilation. Each kind has its pros and cons, but having any ventilation system is better for your family’s health.

Home ventilators help maintain better indoor air quality by pumping contaminants like fumes from cleaning products, VOCs, and cooking odors and fumes. Pumping bacteria and viruses outside helps everyone stay healthier during cold and flu season.

At Stivers HVAC, we offer all of these indoor air quality products. We’ll offer the best solutions to help your family stay happy and healthy. Call 859-226-0809 today.

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